Why Cloud?

Cloud Services or Cloud Computing as it’s sometimes called, means that instead of all the computer hardware and software you’re using sitting on your desktop, or somewhere inside your company’s network (e.g. on a server), it’s provided for you as a service by another company and accessed over the Internet, usually in a completely seamless way. Exactly where the hardware and software is located and how it all works doesn’t necessarily matter to you, unless you have concerns over data sovereignty, it’s just somewhere up in the nebulous “cloud” that the Internet represents.

In essence, cloud computing is marketing buzzword that means different things to different people. For some people as an example, it can be used as a method of outsourcing IT (e.g. moving your servers offsite or renting servers from someone else), subscribing to a web service (e.g. Office 365), or accessing services on another company’s network. (e.g. Virtual Server hosting)

Our World Class Datacenter

Alt-Techs data-center is located in the heart of Downtown Edmonton in a secure facility.  Our servers are protected through physical security as well as battery backup systems (UPS), data backups, and multi-path internet connections to ensure you can access your services when you need them

Our Cloud Services

Email Hosting with Microsoft Exchange Server

Looking for an enterprise class mail hosting solution for your business?  Alt-Tech offers email hosting utilizing the enterprise class system known as Microsoft Exchange.  Utilizing exchange offers our clients a key advantage over similar services by offering the broadest comparability with your systems on the market today.

Application Hosting

Have a server based application that you need to setup, but no server to host it on?  Alternatively, do you require a more stable platform to host your applications on?  Alt-Tech has solutions to meet your needs.  Give us a call today to find out more.

Server Hosting

One of the fastest and easiest ways for a business to leverage a cloud service is through getting a server hosted.  Utilizing either dedicated or shared resources allows you to manage both cost and availability for your server.  Alt-Tech has solutions to meet all sizes and operating systems for your business.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Offsite Hosting

Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity (BC) only truly matters when you have a fall back.  Using Alt-Tech as your trusted partner to host your DR/BC solution helps offset your missions critical data in our data-center located in downtown Edmonton in a below grade vault.

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