At Alt-Tech, We Treat You Like Family

Customer Care is the key element to providing quality support to you and your business. We want to know you, your staff, your clients, and how you operate to be able to offer support that matters and is effective.   Alt-Tech support is not just after you purchase a product or service, we support you before, during, and after each engagement. When we say we care about the success of your business, we actually do!

Our Customer Services

Desktop Support

Alt-Tech prides itself on our ability to provide top level desktop and deskside support to our clients.  Through our remote management tools, and steadfast dedication to client satisfaction, Alt-Tech provides premium support to all of our current and potential clients.

Mobile Device Support

Through a series of mobile management tools, Alt-Tech has the ability to assist you in the tracking, management, and support of your most common technology in business today, your smart phone.

Tablet Support

Just like smart phones, Alt-Tech has extensive experience and support tools to keep track of these assets throughout their life-cycle.

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