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At Alt-Tech, infrastructure design isn’t about what is just a good solution for anyone, it’s about what is the best solution for your business.  Alt-Tech takes the approach of ensuring that your infrastructure will meet your current and future needs by designing around the principles of security, ease of use, scalability, flexibility, ease of support, resiliency, and manageability.  Each solution is built for you to help you maximize your investment dollars into these critical components of your business.

After design, Alt-Tech can also manage this infrastructure on your behalf to ensure its health and sustainability going forward.

But wait, I already have Infrastructure in place….

Alt-Tech also offers management services if your infrastructure is currently in place and you just need an extra pair of hands to ensure it stays active, healthy, and meeting or beating your expectations.  Also, if your current infrastructure just isn’t quite hitting the mark for your company’s needs, we can help with that as well.

Our Services

Network Design

Poor network design is something that can greatly impact your business and lead to countless hours of downtime and even worse, expose your business to risk.  At Alt-Tech, our network design specialists take the time to ensure all aspects of your business are considered in the design, and maximize the performance of your equipment.

Security Infrastructure Design

A secure network is a happy network.  Network security is a key element to ensuring risk mitigation due to intrusion, hack attempts, and it can save your employees from themselves on the internet.  Network security is more than keeping people out, its about the total package in securing how devices communicate from desktop to server to internet.

Infrastructure Management

A good design, with secure connections will only get you so far.  After your network is setup for performance and secured, you need to stay on top of configuration changes, new threats, and the inevitable breakdown.  Alt-Tech’s management services allow you to rely on our expertise to keep you moving.

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