Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte

In recent years, businesses need for storage has exploded.  Between security cameras, databases, applications, photos, emails, documents, just to name a few, the need to have manageable and expandable storage is essential to keeping your business running strong.  At Alt-Tech, we have solutions to help you tame the storage animal and put it in its place. From designing onsite storage solutions to expanding into cloud based on demand storage solutions, Alt-Tech can help you figure out the right combination of technologies.

Our Services

Offsite Storage

Offsite storage is an easy and effective way to outsource your storage needs.  Whether at the Alt-Tech facilities or through another cloud storage provider partnered with Alt-Tech, offsite storage allows you to grow without the limitations of your equipment and abilities onsite.

Storage Architecture and Design

Storage Architecture and Design is often an overlooked part of many storage solutions.  At Alt-Tech, we don’t simply setup your basic configurations, whether you need smaller network attached storage setups to larger storage area network configurations, Alt-Tech has solutions to meet your needs.

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