Protecting Your Systems and Reputation

The security of your company’s network and systems is essential not only to your operations, but to your reputation.  Failure to take adequate precautions with your business data can be embarrassing or costly depending on the extent of the issue.  Alt-Tech has your back.

Alt-tech has solutions to help you manage these threats, through a multi-level approach to security by managing risks to the desktop, to servers, and to your network.

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A firewall is one of the most effective ways to protect your companies private network from the internet.  Protecting your network through the use of a firewall means more than simply stating some traffic can come in and others can’t, it’s about keeping your users safe from malicious content and sites, as well as allowing your business to be reactive to threats internal and external.

Anti-virus & Anti-Malware

In recent years, the proliferation of virus’s and malware on the internet has increased at a staggering rate.  As part of any security and access solution, an effective Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solution is essential.  At Alt-Tech, we have a variety of leading partners in this area that can protect your users and servers from threats.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a way that you can connect multiple office networks together OR a way that you can connect remote users to your corporate network securely.  VPN’s are a tried and true method of safely extending your network beyond your company’s walls without bringing excessive risk to your organization.

DMZ and Public/Private Network Segmentation

Public/Private network setups can be very complex and risky if you don’t have a solid understanding of network design and security.  Alt-Tech has the skills and experience to allow you to interact safely with customers and partners through your existing network.  Technologies such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Web Services, with the right setup, can be hosted by your own company’s systems to ease interactions with partners and clients.

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