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Virtualization technologies have come along way in a very short period of time.  From virtualizing applications, physical machines, and some network appliances; virtualization allows you to maximize your capital investments into your systems and keep your hardware utilization to a maximum.

For many business owners, when you hear virtualization as a term, you may think this is something left for the big players and not something that you can do, however at Alt-Tech, we can bring you this exact solution at an affordable rate.  Virtualization is less about how deep your pockets are today, and more about it being the right solution for what you need to accomplish.  Give us a call today to talk more about this option and if its the right fit for you!

Our Services

Physical to Virtual Server Migrations

Have a need to maximize the use of your existing hardware?  Alt-Tech specializes in Physical to Virtual migrations which can help your business scale up your servers while scaling down the hardware you need.

Virtual Machine Performance Monitoring

Virtual machine performance monitoring is key to ensuring reliable services within your virtual environment.  Alt-Tech has the skills, tools, and partners to help you maximize your hardware and ensure rock solid performance.

Virtual Machine Infrastructure Design and Management

A solid foundation and design is essential to ensuring your virtual environment is setup right the first time.  Even if you already have your systems setup, Alt-Tech has the skills and knowledge to evaluate your existing systems and let you know if there are any improvements that you may need to make.

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